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Making Waves Radio and Electronics

It has been a bit of a rough ride lately for my radio antics.  Last weekend was the international WPX contest which I was looking forward to being involved in.  Unfortunately we also had an issue with Storm Katie – a deep low pressure system with extremely strong winds and heavy rain.  So the antenna mast was lowered and then luffed over and tied down to protect it against the weather.



Therefore I was, unfortunately not able to take part.

However, whilst it was down it did give me the opportunity to tighten up a few nuts and straighten my 2m Yagi – was pointing in the wrong direction.

It was the 25th March before I had the chance to raise the mast back up to vertical again and without extending it fully (half height) I managed a quick QSO with E74X on 20m CW.  Looking at the log book I haven’t really had much chance to get on the air much – SN7D on 26th (J3E), LZ1QI on 29th (CW), YU7MK on 31st (PSK63) and then RW55YG (Yuri Gagarin Special Event) on the 1st April using CW at 30wpm.  Not a speed I use very often but glad I can at times.

Back Up

The mast back upright clearly showing the M0CVO Antennas 1:1 BALUN used at the feedpoint of the MQ-1 mini beam / hybrid quad.

I have been spending some time (whilst the mast was down) designing a few little QRP circuits.  Amazing what you can do when you look in the shack junk box and find a few spare components.  You may hear some faint CW populating the airwaves around 7.030MHz (+-) with my call latched onto it.  This is less than 1W (about 500mW) so not sure if you will hear  me but please do listen out.  I promise to keep it slow (straight key around 12 – 14wpm). More on this one another time though.

Have the gas engineer round now to service the boiler so will sign off and say 73.  Till next time…..

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