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M0CVO Antennas

M0CVO Antennas a British company supplying antennas to the amateur radio market, worldwide.  From the humble long wire to the off centre fed dipole and from the Magitenna to the VHF vertical, all needs are covered.

The most popular antennas are those designed for HF and 6m.  These include the LW range (10, 20 or 40m in length).  Between them, these cover all bands from 160m to 6m – truly a large performance from a small footprint.  Moving on to the ever popular HW range, these are off centre fed dipoles and cover many bands without the need of an ATU and more bands with an ATU.  There is also the Magitenna and Magituner range, enabling multi-band coverage with a much smaller antenna, ideal for portable or fixed station use where space is really at a premium.

Moving up to VHF, all the above will work on 6m (50MHz) but we are currently working on some verticals for 2m and above.  As with all our products, these will need to undergo several months of testing before they are released on the market but keep checking back at to see if theyare yet available.

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